A Summary of (and Response to) Tragic Dickory

Alan Boyle, at MSNBC’s Cosmic Log has a great rundown, “Don’t blame the shootings on Darwin (or on God’s wrath)“, of some of the dickory being spawned by the tragedy in Colorado.  The piece focuses on those leveraging the incident to further their religious (and anti-religious) agendas and likely could have been several thousand more words as nearly every seems to have an opinion on the “real” cause of this tragedy.

The real cause was one horribly broken man.  The real effect was the senseless ending of 12 lives and the terrible upheaval of hundreds of others.

We are being deluged with forwards, Facebook updates and other lazy, ugly attempts to politicize this terrible event.  We at SadPolitics have refused to take part in this discussion and respond with this statement:

I find this heavy-handed attempt at leveraging this deeply personal tragedy to force your sad, fucking opinion down my throat callous and completely lacking in empathy or humanity.  I find you guilty of Felony Dickory in the First Degree.

Feel free to modify to taste and reuse as you will.  However you decide to engage (or not) on this event please do not allow these deaths to be further tainted by asshats and people of low character for something as ultimately meaningless as politics.

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