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Welcome to Sad Politics will focus on the quality (or, more specifically, the lack of quality) infecting our national political discourse.

What is Sad?

Simply put politics become “sad” when people lie.  Note that this is not the same as being in error.  Somebody that makes an error and admits it has not lied – in fact with any luck we’ll be able to applaud many such people on this site.  No, a lie is when you know something is wrong but you continue to say it because it helps you.

For our purposes, at least, politics aren’t sad when somebody disagrees with you.  The world is a complicated place and there are no simple answers leading to situations where multiple honest, intelligent well-constructed but nonetheless completely contradictory opinions may flourish.  But to step over the line, to propagate a lie or brash, uninformed simplification that’s known to be false – that’s sad.

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