Politics are sad.  It may be that they always were sad but as our ability to communicate our thoughts became faster than our ability to consider them they’ve gotten even sadder.  Lies can travel just as quickly – and often amazingly more quickly – as the truth.  The most inane argument, if condensed to a pithy line and delivered as a sarcastic plaque can be seen (and shared) by thousands in minutes; add a picture of a confused baby or kitten and the numbers easily reach the millions.

When it comes to something as important as control of our government truth should matter.  Christopher Hitchens once said “That which can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence.” and we believe that.  Unfortunately instead of dismissing spurious claims millions of people each and every day log them as indisputed fact and share them with as many people as they can.

SadPolitics.com will pluck the choicest lumps of shit from the never-ending sea of shit that washes over us every day.  We solemly swear to treat them with the derision, scorn and comtempt that they deserve.  When possible – and we hope it’s often – we’ll also highlight those that are making politics less sad.


Although it should go without saying all opinions presented here are personal.  While those involved in the site are just as opinionated as – and in some cases vastly moreso than – anybody else, SadPolitics.com is not affiliated with nor does it broadly endorse specific politicians or political parties.

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